ScaFaCoS  1.0.1
Scalable Fast Coulomb Solvers
fcs_mmm1d_p.h File Reference
#include "fcs_definitions.h"
#include "fcs_result_p.h"
#include "fcs_interface_p.h"
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typedef struct fcs_mmm1d_parameters_t * fcs_mmm1d_parameters
 file containing all mmm1d specific functions More...


FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_far_switch_radius (FCS handle, fcs_float rad)
FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_far_switch_radius (FCS handle, fcs_float *rad)
FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_bessel_cutoff (FCS handle, fcs_int cutoff)
FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_bessel_cutoff (FCS handle, fcs_int *cutoff)
FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_maxPWerror (FCS handle, fcs_float maxPWerror)
FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_maxPWerror (FCS handle, fcs_float *maxPWerror)

Typedef Documentation

◆ fcs_mmm1d_parameters

typedef struct fcs_mmm1d_parameters_t* fcs_mmm1d_parameters

file containing all mmm1d specific functions

Definition at line 31 of file fcs_mmm1d_p.h.

Function Documentation

◆ fcs_mmm1d_get_bessel_cutoff()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_bessel_cutoff ( FCS  handle,
fcs_int *  cutoff 

◆ fcs_mmm1d_get_far_switch_radius()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_far_switch_radius ( FCS  handle,
fcs_float *  rad 

◆ fcs_mmm1d_get_maxPWerror()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_get_maxPWerror ( FCS  handle,
fcs_float *  maxPWerror 

◆ fcs_mmm1d_set_bessel_cutoff()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_bessel_cutoff ( FCS  handle,
fcs_int  cutoff 

◆ fcs_mmm1d_set_far_switch_radius()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_far_switch_radius ( FCS  handle,
fcs_float  rad 

◆ fcs_mmm1d_set_maxPWerror()

FCSResult fcs_mmm1d_set_maxPWerror ( FCS  handle,
fcs_float  maxPWerror