ScaFaCoS  1.0.1
Scalable Fast Coulomb Solvers
fcs_mmm1d_set_maxPWerror Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

type(c_ptr) function fcs_mmm1d_set_maxpwerror (handle, error)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 767 of file fcs4fortran.f90.

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

◆ fcs_mmm1d_set_maxpwerror()

type(c_ptr) function fcs_mmm1d_set_maxpwerror ( type(c_ptr), value  handle,
real(kind = fcs_real_kind_isoc), value  error 

Definition at line 769 of file fcs4fortran.f90.

769  use iso_c_binding
770  implicit none
771  type(c_ptr), value :: handle
772  real(kind = fcs_real_kind_isoc), value :: error
773  type(c_ptr) :: fcs_mmm1d_set_maxpwerror

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